Siah Correa Hemphill for NM Senate

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The Opportunity

In 2020, Run the World client Siah Correa Hemphill ran for State Senate in New Mexico’s 28th Senate District when voters received an attack mailer from her Republican opponent making misleading claims about her work history and character. While not every attack needs a rebuttal, the campaign and Run the World believed that this was a strategic misstep from Siah’s opponent and could be turned to her advantage if a response was quickly and effectively delivered to the right audiences.

The Approach

On the day that the mailer was first received by voters and learned of by Siah’s campaign, Run the World worked with Siah and her campaign to develop talking points for a digital video response. 

The Success

In total, the ad delivered over 22,000 impressions to over 3,400 voters (in a district where under 23,000 ballots were ultimately cast) and had the highest engagement rate of any ad in her digital persuasion campaign. In the first 24 hours the ad was live, it delivered nearly 6,000 impressions to over 2,300 voters. A tracking poll two weeks later found that 41% of voters reported they had heard of the controversy, yet by a margin of 21-8 responded they were more likely to vote for Siah as a result. Siah went on to win the seat by a margin of just 386 votes.

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