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With the increasing volume of email reaching donors’ inboxes, it is more important than ever to deliver fresh, creative, personalized content that presents supporters with a real opportunity to make a difference. We make donors feel like critical members of your team by giving them different ways to support you—being sure to acknowledge their previous giving, so that they feel valued and appreciated. Throughout, we will utilize your organization’s key stakeholders and members to ensure that we incorporate your voice powerfully in every message.

Direct Mail Fundraising

In a filled mailbox, we’ve got only seconds to capture a reader’s interest, and our creative team is ready to help you use every second you have with future supporters to convince them to join your team. We have a talented staff of writers and artists with robust marketing expertise who will make your mailing stand out among the rest.

We will take the time to understand your goals, voice and brand, and incorporate them into everything we do. We also offer a seamless experience throughout the production process, ensuring the drafting and editing process is simplified and that your mail goes out with a compelling narrative, in a timely manner, and error-free.‌ 

Voter Persuasion and Mobilization

Run the World specializes in digital acquisition and persuasion, growing your list through network optimization, paid procurement techniques, in-house and external email-list swaps and targeted ads with a low cost-per-acquisition rate. We recognize the audience behind the email addresses and how to convert them from potential voters to lifelong supporters.

We are Fundraisers by Trade

Run the World uses digital, direct mail, and other grassroots tools to help candidates and organizations change the world via individualized and eye-catching messaging. We know that donors don’t just give via one method—they are engaged on many levels—from the email inbox and traditional mailbox to phone calls and gala events. Our philosophy is to use multi-channel tool integration to ensure that all of your fundraising efforts shine and harmonize regardless of the approach.

We Get Into the Heads of Donors

By thinking about the donors first—how to engage, upgrade, or retain—the overall bottom line grows. Digital advertising, email and direct mail can all work together to increase donor investment in your movement.

Take a look at the work RTW did last cycle.

And the Entire Strategy Begins with Your Voice

Your digital communication will be most effective if it reflects what makes your organization unique. During our onboarding process, we will take the time to understand your goals, voice, and brand, and incorporate them into everything we do. We will also maximize your digital campaign by acting as a one-stop shop for copy, branding, ads, and graphics. We understand how hectic your work is, so we want you to spend less time editing or in meetings, and more time fighting for an America that represents everybody.

Best Mail Piece for Gubernatorial – Democratic
“Whitmer for Governor: Words Matter.”
Run the World, Whitmer for Governor

Best Mail Piece for Primary – US House/Senate
“Very Official Correspondence from Val Arkoosh for Senate”
Run the World, Arkoosh for Senate

Best Villain In A Mail Piece for Democratic Campaign
“A Florida for All or a Florida for Ron?”
Run the World, Crist for Governor

Best Fundraising Mail Piece for Political Campaign (Democratic)
Keep Michigan Safe & Elect Democrats
Run the World Digital, Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

Most Relatable Depiction of a Candidate in a Mail Piece
“I Lost My Son to Gun Violence”
Run the World, Friends of Lucy McBath

Direct Mail – Candidate Division (For U.S. Senate)
Very Official Correspondence from Val Arkoosh for Senate

Direct Mail – Candidate Division (For Governor)
Whitmer for Governor: Words Matter.

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