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The Opportunity

The challenge for the Democratic Party of Arizona (AZDems) is the same challenge many non-electoral political entities face in the political space—that without the urgency of a particular candidacy, it is hard to attract attention and donations prior to the scheduled election. 

The Approach

Throughout our work with AZDems last cycle, our team stood at the ready to capitalize on the news cycle and be prepared for rapid response as it happened. This program is a clear example of how timing is everything when it comes to online fundraising—particularly when working to nationalize a State Party program.

The Success

As a result of our efforts to build the number of AZDems sustaining donors, recurring donations now account for 55% of AZDems’ digital revenues. We are also seeing strong retention rates, with nearly a third of recurring donors still subscribed after 12 months, meaning this percentage and the overall number of recurring donors are on track to keep growing.

Our fundraising ads program raised over $200,000 with an increasingly strong ROI of 200% during the cycle’s lifetime. Our acquisition ads program resulted in over 30,000 names added to our list at an average CPA of $0.83 per name.

Overall, we more than doubled the email list’s size, managing to add over 100,000 names. We were also able to grow the recurring revenue by 170%. Finally, we utilized state party splits to increase revenue coming outside of our typical channels. In total, this led to a 1500% increase in online fundraising year over year from 2019 to 2020.

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