Robot and Laptop on Desk

As online fundraising continues to be a major tool of Democratic giving — ActBlue recently reported grassroots donors have given more than $100 million in August alone — campaigns and candidates continue to wonder what is the best way to get their message across and drive supporters to give?

Here at Run The World Digital, our data tells us that donors respond to honesty and strength projected through a candidate’s unique form of storytelling. The people on your list signed up to hear from you. They did not enter their email on your website or on your petition to hear from a robot who can regurgitate canned talking points. That includes your take on the local bridge that is crumbling, the fight for voting rights happening at your capital, and even the tales from your dog that is out on the fundraising trail with you.

From video ads of an MMA fighter’s hopeful journey to a Congressional seat to the harrowing story of what a candidate saw at the Texas-Mexico border, many of our strongest fundraising sends came directly from a candidate’s heart — put into words by our team of digital strategists and driven home through our strategic fundraising tools.

Your strongest fundraising message — whatever the platform — will include your vision, your district, your voice, and your story, segmented to the audience most excited to hear from you and complete with interesting visuals that surprise and delight your supporters.

People in 2018 are looking for authenticity more than anything and they know when they don’t see it.

A robot wouldn’t write your wedding vows. Its algorithm can’t possibly replicate that heart-driven promise to your spouse. It shouldn’t drive your fundraising and direct communications with your supporters either.